Trion Navarhon Square

Trion Navarhon Square is located at the end of Megalo Dromo (Vasileos Konstantinou Street) below the imposing Palamidi. It is dedicated to the memory of the admirals who led the fleet of the three Great Powers in the battle of Navarinou on 8 October 1827, that is, Codrigton (England), Derigny (France) and Cheiden (Russia) which split the Turkish fleet. The square was built by engineer, Stamatis Voulagris, under the governor, Ioanniss Kapodistrias.

There are some remarkable buildings and monuments here that attract the interest of tourists. Among them, the funerary monument of Dimitrios Ipsilantis, the neoclassical Town Hall, the pharmacy of the Italian philehellene, Bonafin Bonifacio, (who embalmed the dead body of Ioannis Kapodistrias) and the statue of the first king of Greece, Othonas.

However, the major attraction in the square is the Government or Palataki, which was built in 1829 to the deisgns of Italian architect, Pasqaule Ippoliti, to house the offices of the newly formed Greek government and the home of the first Governor of Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias.