Trip to Mycenae

The kingdom of the mythical Agamemnon, the "Rich Mycenae" is located 20 Km from the capital of Argolida and is a must visit during your stay here. The most important and richest center of the Late Bronze Age in Greece, it gave its name to one of the most remarkable civilizations in prehistory Greece, Mycenae.

According to mythology, the founder of Mycenae was Perseus, son of Zeus and Danae, daughter of Acrisius, king of Argos. The building of the Mycenae palaces began in 1350 BC, while the fortification of the Acropolis, divided into three stages, began simultaneously.

You will see the walled Acropolis as well as the surrounding burial site and residential complexes of the palatial center, which date back to the period of great prosperity, about 1350 to 1200 BC, at the archaeological site of Mycenae. The most important sights here are the Castle, which dominates the highest point of the Acropolis, the famous Lion Gate, Grave Circle A and Grave Circle B, a series of buildings (officials' housing), the religious center and the underground fountain.