The picturesque port, the golden sandy beach and clear blue waters and the impressive statue of Kouros will bring you to this small fishing village with white houses and taverns by the sea, located in the northeastern coast of Naxos, 36 km from Chora. With several hotels, resorts, cafes, bars and restaurants, Apollonas is growing rapidly and has great recommendations covering every need.

Before head down to the village, you'll see one of the three famous Kouros statues of Naxos, an oversized marble statue of the 6th century BC, measuring at proximately 10m loons, which lies unfinished on the ground. It's located in Kastraki, just above the settlement. According to archaeologists, it represents the god Dionysus or the god Apollo.

Another attraction of the area are the remains of a prehistoric castle at the peak of Kalogeros, the mountain that rises above the bay.