Cheese Products

Thanks to the climate and the rich agricultural heritage of Naxos, its local cheeses are unique in taste and quality. The island produces excellent soft and hard cheeses, with the famous Graviera, Arseniko, Myzithra and Xinomyzithra cheeses.

Since 1996, Naxos has earned the distinction of Protected Designation of Origin for its Graviera, which is one of the island's most famous products. Made from cow's milk and sometimes with the addition of a small amount of sheep's and goat's milk.

Arseniko is a hard yellow cheese with a rich aroma and pleasantly salty and spicy taste that strongly resembles Kefalotiri cheese. It's made from sheep's milk and can be grated.

You should also try the rich and creamy Xinomyzithra, with a slightly sour taste reminiscent of yogurt, Komo with its peppery taste, the ricotta-like Anthotiro and Thilikotiri.