A journey in these two neighbouring villages, located just 5 kms from the city of Naxos, reveal images of quiet and simple beauty with scattered churches, Venetian towers, abandoned villages and panoramic views of Chora.

A small and neat village, the amphitheatrically built Galanado has lovely views overlooking the valley of Livadi, Stelida and Chora. The parish church of Agios Pnevmatos is located here and the south side of town is dominated by the private Venetian Belonias Tower with the two-aisled chapel of Agiou Ioanni, which is both Catholic and Orthodox.

Glinado's point of difference is its panoramic views of all sides of the horizon. The Karegla mill and Tzannakou chapel are ideal spots to enjoy the sunset. A walk through the deserted settlements of Louloudou and Tzitzamou, will lead you to the church of Christ. It is also worth spending some time visiting the Temple of Dionysus in Iria and the ruined church of Agion Saranda, which are both within walking distance.