Heimarrou Tower

The abandoned Heimarrou Tower stands imposingly atop a small hill on the southeast side of the island, on the route from Filoti to Kalanto. It's the most significant monument in the region, but also one of Naxos' reference points. Unlike most towers on the island linked to the Venetian period, according to modern scholars, the tower dates back to the late 4th century BC, during the Hellenistic era.

It is cylindrical and built with a double wall by local marble and to this day survives at a height of nearly 15 meters. The entrance is on the south side and the tower's only window is at a height of 10 meters. The interior of the tower is made up of a ground floor and another three floors which were linked by a marble staircase.

The facade of the tower is in a fairly good condition, unlike the interior, where large sections have collapsed or are crumbling.