The sweet liqueur is a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) listed product, produced by the distillation of citron leaves collected from September to the end of February. A Naxian specialty, kitro has a rich citrus flavour and strong aroma and is usually drunk as an aperitif. The tree's fruit can also be made into a delicious traditional Greek spoon sweet.

Kitro is produced in three versions: white at 33 ABV (kitrorako), green at 30 ABV (liqueur) and yellow at 36 ABV (aromatic with very little sugar).

On the island there are two distilleries: one Vallindras distillery in the village of Chalki (tel. +30 22850 31220) and one Probona distillery in Angidia (tel. +30 22850 22258), which have shops on Chora's waterfront, from where you can purchase their products .