Amphitheatrically built on a lush hillside, Melanes is situated about 8 km from Chora and is one of the oldest villages on the island. The green of the village's trees and the old watermills never cease to attract and captivate its visitors' gaze.

The great food that you'll have the opportunity to taste in the village's taverns is one of the reasons as to why you should visit. The other are the multitude of major sights in the surrounding area. During a stroll to the nearby Flerio, you'll see one of Naxos' famous Kouros statues: the 6th century B.C Kouros Melanon.

Some notable monuments are also the ancient aqueduct, which transported water from its source in Flerio and Melanon in the town of Naxos and the sacred water sources. On the way to the village Potamia, in the area of Kalamitsia, you'll see the imposing but ruined Palace of the Jesuits (17th century), which was once the summer residence of the Jesuit Order of monks.