Photodotis Monastery

The oldest and most important fortified monastery in Naxos is located just outside the village of Danakos, near Filoti. A structure of the Byzantine period, Photodotis boasts distinctive architectural elements and an idyllic natural location. Situated at an altitude of about 500m, surrounded amidst age-old oak trees, fig trees and vineyards, it offers great views of the sea.

Built on the ruins of a 6th century three-aisled early Christian basilica, the tower was fortified after the 15th century. The ground floor is taken up by a three-aisled temple with a dome supported by four marble pillars. The temple is also made out of marble and bears elaborate Byzantine sculptures and reliefs. The first floor, which is accessed via an external, stone-built staircase, features an atrium dominated by the dome. This is surrounded by the abbot’s quarters, monks’ cells and bastions.

The monastery was recently restored and is definitely worth a visit. You can reach it by following a dirt road (about 1 km) north of Danakos.

Open summer season only
Monday-Saturday: 11.00-15.00