With particular architectural style, impressive Venetian towers and a multitude of Byzantine churches, Sagkri is undoubtedly one of the villages richest in sites on the island. It is built on a hill with an open horizon in the western part of the island, 11km from Chora. In its whitewashed streets, you'll encounter cafes, taverns with homestyle cooking and shops with fine local produce.

An important landmark in the village is the impressive monastery of Agios Eleftherios, which functioned as a secret school during the Turkish occupation and today houses a folklore museum. While you're there, it's also worth visiting the Byzantine churches Panagia Orfani, Panagia Arkouliotissa and Panagia Kaloritissa. Next to the church of Panagia Orfani, just outside the village, is the restored and habitable Tower of Paleologos of 1699, while at the preserved settlement Kato Sagkri, you'll see two ruined Venetian towers.

The major attraction of the area is the archaeological site of Gyroula, with the restored marble Temple of Demeter and the remarkable museum, which is just 4 km from the village.