Welcome to Naxos

Welcome to Naxos

The largest and most fertile island of the Cyclades is located in the heart of the cluster, east of Paros. With a long history, countless attractions, a plethora of long beaches and a diverse landscape, Naxos holds a special place among the rest of the Cyclades, offering "package" experiences for all tastes.

From landscapes of genuine natural beauty, picturesque villages of the north and the east to the golden beaches with huge cedar trees of the south, the lush hinterland and preserved villages on the slopes of Mount Zas, the visual feasts alternate and never cease to pleasantly surprise the unsuspecting visitor.

The island's capital is Chora. The huge marble gate 'Portara' on the side of the port, the bustling coastal road, the white Cycladic houses dotted on the hillsides and the Venetian Castle are the first things that you'll see when you depart the boat.

On the west coast of the island, the beach resorts Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna and Plaka are extremely popular thanks to the wonderful beaches and the many options offered for accommodation, food, entertainment and water sports. The more south you head, the busier it gets. The lovely deserted coves with the Small Cyclades as their backdrop offer the ideal setting for lovers seeking seclusion and tranquility. The small fishing village of Apollona with the famous Kouros statue is located on the north of the island.

Strolling the charming hinterland of Naxos, you'll find fertile plains and tranquil mountain villages, special and well attended archaeological sites, imposing Venetian towers and countless Byzantine churches. The old commercial capital of Chalki, the "marble" village Apeiranthos, the well-preserved Bazeos tower, the Temple of Demeter in Gyroula and the gigantic unfinished Kouros in Flerio and Apollona are just some of the sights that you simply must see if you're seeking to greet the authentic face of the island.

Lovers of gastronomy will be thrilled with the excellent local products. Naxos is famous for its pure dairy products, delicious potatoes, citrus liqueur, wine and honey.

You can get to the island by ferry from Piraeus and Rafina (if Athens is your base) and by air. Below you'll find useful information regarding your journey through Naxos (and also Greece in general), such as currency, weather, useful phone numbers and much more.