If you want to get to know the natural beauties of Paros, then hiking is the only way to come to direct contact with nature. As remarkable as it sounds for a Cycladic island, Paros has beautiful landscapes to show to its visitors through its walking routes -both inland and in the coastal areas- which you did not even dream of.

Some of the routes worth taking are the following:

Lefkes to Aliki: A 19 km footpath, hiking in which lasts approximately 6 hours and goes through Agios Ioannis Kaparos, Agios Georgios, Aneratza and Kamari.

Cape Korakas & Cape Almiros: Coastal route starting from Kolymbithres, 12 km hike.

The Byzantine Road: One of the most classical routes in Paros, the Byzantine path brings you from Prodromos to Lefkes and takes a bit more than an hour walk.