Welcome to Paros

Welcome to Paros

In the centre of Cyclades, Paros, the third largest island of this island complex, is an all-time classic destination for summer vacation and is addressed to the general public, as it features proposals for all tastes.

Picturesque and cosmopolitan, peaceful and bustling, it introduces you to its multifaceted character through the beautiful settlements and villages, the all-white alleys with painted queens, the all-white buildings of Cycladic architecture with colourful doors and windows, blooming bougainvilleas, the historic and cultural attractions, the beaches with crystal clear waters and the small bays, the plethora of activities and accommodation, dining and entertainment options.

Parikia or Chora of Paros is the capital of the island, located in the western part –it is the first settlement you come across when you set foot on Paros. With all the Cycladic characteristics, here you will find some of the most important attractions of the island, such as Panagia Ekatontapyliani, the Archaeological Museum of Paros, the Hill of Kastro (Castle), etc. Second in line, but top of the list for the general public, Naoussa is located in the northern part of Paros. Amphitheatrically built, it will enchant you with its scenic beauty and cosmopolitan aura and will initiate you into the secrets of nightlife, as it gathers almost all of the nightlife options around its harbour.

Besides these two main settlements, however, there are beautiful quaint villages in the hinterland of the island, which will introduce you to the traditional side of Paros, such as Lefkes and Marpissa. On the island, you'll find beaches for all tastes, organised or not, with sand or pebbles. The most bustling and famous beaches include Kolymbithres, Chrysi Akti, Santa Maria and Pounta.

Unpretentious and without many excesses, rest assured that Paros will impress you immediately, as soon as you find yourselves in its Cycladic scenery.