Cave of the Apocalypse
Cave of the Apocalypse

The cave of the Apocalypse is one of the most important monuments of the island and is located approximately in the middle of the route between Skala towards Chora(2.3 km from Skala and 2.2 km from Chora). This is where the exiled by the Roman Emperor Domitian, Saint John wrote the Apocalypse in 95 A.D.

In 1999 the cave of the Apocalypse along with the monastery of Saint John the Theologist were declared world heritage sites by UNESCO.

According to the story, this is the place where God was revealed to John – some even call Patmos the "Jerusalem of the Mediterranean" for this reason-and dictated the text of the Apocalypse through three rock fissures that symbolize the Holy Trinity.

This sacred place encompasses Church of Agia Anna, Agios Artemio and Agios Nikolaos.

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