Convent of Kalograion Evaggelismo
Convent of Kalograion Evaggelismo

From the convent of Kalograion Evaggelismo, which is located in the southwestern part of the island, right behind the capital of Patmos and a 20-minute walk from the bus stop in Chora, you will have the opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of the bay of Kipo.

Until 1613 this was a small chapel-Hermitage. That year, however, the Abbot of the monastery of St. John the Evangelist, Nikiforos renovated and dedicated it to St. Luke. The convent was founded in 1937 by the monk Amfilochio Makris, who at that date added new buildings to the site. The icons of the monastery date from the 15th to the 17th century.

The convent hosts more than 40 nuns, dealing with community service, beekeeping and gardening. The most special occupation has to do with the Byzantine embroidery and a technique called spitha (spark), which was used at the time of Saint Christodoulos for creating embroidery destined for the Byzantine aristocratic families.

Open all year round
Daily: 09.00-11.00 & 17.00-18.00