Easter in Patmos

The celebration of Easter in Patmos is certainly a unique life experience, mainly because of the Holy Monastery of Saint John the theologian in Chora, which is a reference point for the whole of Greece and Orthodox Christianity.

On Easter Thursday watch from near the ceremony of the basin, where the Abbot of the monastery, as Jesus did, washes the feet 12 monks on a rig. Then begins the journey towards the point of prayer, bringing to mind images from the transition of Jesus in the garden supported by an Angel and his surrender to the Romans soldiers, after the betrayal of Judas.

Good Friday is the day of the representation of the descent which also takes place in the monastery of St. John the Theologean. In the evening the epitaphs of the churches of Patmos roam the streets of Chora and of Skala, escorted by clergy and believers until they meet in the central squares of the settlements.

In the evening of Easter Saturday you can watch the resurrection service both in the monastery of Agios Ioannis and the convent of the Immaculate Conception just outside Chora. On Easter Sunday afternoon at the monastery of St. John, the Second Resurrection takes place, where the uplifting gospel is read in different languages, such as Italian, French, Russian, Serbian, etc.