Patmiada Ecclesiastical Faculty

The Patmiada Ecclesiastical Faculty, above the Cave of the Apocalypse, and underneath Chora of Patmos, was founded by a clergyman from the island, Makario Kalogera in 1713. Informally, however, its function is placed in the time of St. Christodoulos, who, bringing manuscripts from a personal collection that he kept in Asia minor, cared for the operation of a library , aimed at the education of monks.

Initially, the Patmiada School was located on the site of the cave of the Apocalypse, renting a room from the monastery of Saint John the Theologian. Over the years its fame surpassed the limits of Patmos, Greece, and reached Constantinople, Alexandria, Russia and the Sinai.

After the death of Saint Makarios in 1737, Saint Gerasimos of Byzantine took the reins of the school and up to the early 20th century great personalities of the Church and of the nation attended the school, such as the national martyr Patriarch Gregory V, Patriarchs of Alexandria, four Universal Patriarchs, and the pioneer of Filiki Eteria Emmanuel Xanthos.

Open all year round