Useful & Emergency

Useful & Emergency

Bear in mind the following useful telephone numbers during your stay in Patmos.

Telephone Information (OTE)
11888: OTE's Telephone Directory Information is a service where you can search telephone numbers from different categories and professions of your interest, such as night clubs, art galleries, bakeries, liquor stores, hotels, etc. (charge: €0,99/minute, +roaming charges).

National Emergency Aid Centre (EKAB)
166: The National Emergency Aid Centre was established in 1985 as part of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Social Security. It was created in order to be in charge of emergency aid provision as well as of transportation to hospitals or health centres if necessary (free call).

European Emergency Call Number
112: 112 is the number adopted by the European Union (EU) as an emergency number which you can call free of charge for emergencies in all EU countries. In Greece, you can call 112 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week (free call).

Greek Police (Athens call centre)
100: Call this number for emergencies requiring police intervention in any part of the country. All citizens can also contact the Police by sending a free sms to 100 (free call).
1571: Help and information regarding any problems for national and foreign tourists in Greek, English, French, and German (charge: €0.06/minute, +roaming charges).
+30 22470 31303 (charge: €0.03/minute, +roaming charges)

Fire Brigade
199: The Fire Brigade Department is concerned with safety and is under the Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection, with local competence that includes the whole Greek territory. It was created in order to protect the citizens' lives and property, as well as public property, along with forests and the natural environment from fires, natural disasters and other kinds of disasters (free call).

Patmos Medical Center
+30 22470 31211 (charge: €0.03/minute, +roaming charges)

Town Hall
+30 22473 60300
(charge: €0.03/minute, +roaming charges)

Port Authority
+30 22470 31231
(charge: €0.03/minute, +roaming charges)