Art Museum of Sculptor Nikolas
Art Museum of Sculptor Nikolas

At the central square of Agios Georgios, in central Pelion, one can find the Art Museum of sculptor Nikolas, on the second floor of a building featuring Pelion architecture, which used to be the municipal head offices.

Local sculptor and carver Nikolas Pavlopoulos is the creator of this museum which he dedicated to his father Dimitris. When it first opened in 1996 it was also called "Dimitrio Oikima" (Dimitris's house) in honour of his father. You will find some of the most representative works by the artist as well as superb carvings, (on wood or marble) and sculptures (in an academic style).

In total, there are 22 sculptures by Nikolas made with copper or bronze, full-body and of large size but also magnificent carvings, woodcuts and a copperplate that will give you the chance to become familiar with the artist's work.

Open all year round
May-October: Wednesday-Monday: 10.00-17.00, November-April: Saturday-Sunday: 10.00-17.00
Admission: free