Hatzigiannis Traditional Olive Press

Hatzigiannis Traditional Olive Press at Katichori in west Pelion, below Portaria, is housed in the Hatzigiannis mansion. A visit will offer a look into the modern history of this place and you will also be introduced to the way of life, development and activities of older years.

The local rural history and economy as well as the development of family labour are presented through the museum exhibits which include photographs and a variety of relevant objects. Apart from the Katichori history, the museum presents the inhabitants' way of life through donations made by local families.

A point of reference at the museum are the village products, such as wine and tsipouro. Their preparation is presented through tools, objects and photographs.

After the museum tour is concluded you can visit Hatzigiannis olive press which is right next to the museum, to get familiar with the traditional olive oil production process.

Open all year round
Sunday: 11:00-13:00
Admission: free