Kissos, at the eastern side of Pelion, is a beautiful, amphitheatrical village that has been listed as a traditional settlement. 38km from Volos, it is at an altitude of 480m (the highest point is at 560m) and it offers a wonderful view of the Aegean sea.

The lush vegetation (chestnut trees, walnut trees, beeches, firs) creates wonderful images that will be hard to forget.

Kissos is a historical village, as the secret school used to be here since 1753 where national martyr Rigas Feraios, also known as Velestinlis taught for a while.

One of the most important sights is the church of Agia Marina, at the main square, one of the most beautiful and characteristic churches in Pelion. The three-aisled basilica was built in the 17th century by craftsmen from Epirus according to Byzantine style and every year it is visited by many Christians and tourists that come to Kissos. In the interior you will have the chance to see the small ecclesiastical museum.

If you are fond of hiking you will love the cobbled streets and paths of the village. We recommend you take the path leading to Chania.