Milies is closely related to the legendary train of Pelion, the famous Moutzouris that offers unforgettable experiences to those visiting the mountain of the Centaurs. From the terminal station in Milies there is a path leading to the beautiful village of central Pelion, 28km from Volos.

The existence of the village is first mentioned in 1510, while according to tradition the first inhabitants came from Milies in Evia, in order to save themselves from pirates.

Milies played an important role during the Revolution in 1821, as it contributed to the financial and cultural development of the area. Famous representatives of the Enlightenment were born here, such as Anthimos Gazis, Grigorios Konstantas, Daniel Filippidis who established the Psychis Akos school, now a library.

Don't forget to pay a visit to the Pamegiston Taxiarchon church, built in 1741, to admire the interesting post-Byzantine icons and relics. This is where in May 1821, Anthimos Gazis announced the revolution in Thessaly. At the old Town Hall you will now find the Folklore Museum, while at the church of Agios Nikolaos you will see the graves of Gazis, Filippidis and Konstantas.

The railway station as well as the legendary Mourtzouris is a point of reference. Over 100 years old, the train is nowadays used by tourists. It used to connect the commercial and industrial centre of Volos with the rich area of west Pelion. After 25 years the train came back. It goes from Ano Lechonia to Milies, 16km away, in 1,5 hrs with stops at Gatzea, Pinakates and Argyreika.