One of the oldest villages in Pelion, Mouresi (45km from Volos), is located in the eastern part of Pelion. It is amphitheatrical, offering a view of the Aegean sea, Damouchari located by by the sea, and the neighbouring villages Kissos and Agios Dimitrios.

There are various theories about the origin of its name, such as that it is named after the mulberry trees (mouries) that are very common in the village, after Myres in Asia Minor where the first inhabitants came from or after the Slavic word mours (find fertile land).

Take a stroll down the narrow streets and you will have the chance to admire the superb mansions and the buildings made of stone. At the main square, under the shade of the three big lindens, you will see the church of Agia Paraskevi dating back to 1792, as well as the Agia Triada church with the characteristic "pierced" temple.

If you are fond of hiking you can follow one of the paths leading to neighbouring Tsagarada or Damouchari, through the wonderful woods.