Pelion Wedding

One of the customs the picturesque Portaria village is famous for is the reenactment of a traditional Pelion wedding that takes part in the last ten days in August and includes various folk happenings.

The ultimate goal of this event is the preservation and transmission of customs and traditions -especially that of a wedding, as it used to happen in the old days- in combination with the spiritual and physical participation of guests and villagers in a traditional Portaria wedding.

The wedding event starts 8 days prior to the actual ceremony, with activities such as the cutting of the wedding dress (traditional Pelion costume) at the bride's home, the gathering and arranging of the dowry by friends of the couple, throwing flour at the couple, the transportation of the dowry by the Keratzides (muleteers) on the Friday before the wedding, the shaving of the groom on Sunday accompanied by firing of guns, the bride offering friends a sweet treat, the wedding procession, the wedding meal, filling of the pitcher at the main fountain and its breaking etc.

After the end of the reenactment everybody takes part in the feast with drinks, food, dancing and music.