Velentzas Bakery

The single-floor building hosting Velentzas bakery, in Alli Meria village, near Portaria, dates back to 1897, according to the inscription preserved until today that bears the initials K.A.B (probably the owner's). Up to 1970 it was a bakery, grocery shop and wine shop, while the murals by folk painter Theofilos have been decorating the walls since 1910.

This is the reason why this particular building was one of the first in Thessalia to be characterised as a listed monument after a relevant publication in 1965. In 1987 preservation work was done one the murals as well as general maintenance work on the whole building. It remains closed to the public.

The building is decorated with 9 murals, one on the exterior wall and the rest on the interior ones- which all bear the characteristic elements of Theofilos's art, such as clear outlines, expressive eyes and vivid colours.