Welcome to Pelion

Welcome to Pelion

An ideal destination for any time of the year, Pelion, also known as the mountain of the Centaurs, is located in the Magnesia prefecture, near Volos, and is one of the most popular destinations in Greece throughout the year.

You will come across picturesque villages in West, Central, East and South Pelion, The houses scattered on the slopes with lush vegetation are charming, and built according to the local architecture, as are most buildings in the area. It comes as no surprise, then, that the 12 Olympian Gods had chosen Pelion to be their summer residence.

At the villages in Pelion you will have the chance to walk down beautiful cobbled streets and admire the traditional buildings of Pelion architecture. You can also taste local delicacies, buy local products such as tsipouro, homemade marmalade and spoon sweets and ll this while you are surrounded by nature at its best.

If you go to Pelion in the summer, rest assured that the beaches on the Pagasitikos gulf side as well as those on the Aegean sea side, have crystal clear waters, providing the best environment for carefree moments by the sea.

Some of the villages worth visiting in Pelion are Portaria, Makrinitsa (West), Milies, Vizitsa, Agios Lavrentios (Central), Tsagarada, Mouresi, Zagora, Agios Ioannis (East), and Agia Kyriaki, Argalasti, Milina (South).

Access from Volos is easy via two main roads. From the eastern part of Volos you can go to South Pelion, while from the northeastern side you can go to Chania and East Pelion. The road network is quite good so moving from one village to the other should not be a problem. Note that there are many paths for hiking lovers that also connect villages.

Below you will find useful information regarding your trip to Pelion as well as Greece in general, such as details about the currency, weather, useful telephone numbers, etc.