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Old Port

Venetian Port

One of the "stars" in Rethymno and its most vibrant part, the Venetian Port -a point of reference mostly for visitors- is ideal for taking pictures, a...


Carnival of Rethymno

One of the most famous events in Crete, and the third biggest carnival in Greece -after the one in Patras and Xanthi- the carnival of Rethymno is one of the...


Caramel Grecotel Boutique Resort

In the heart of the Cretan Riviera and within a close distance from the castle town of Rethymno (7 km.), Caramel Grecotel Boutique Resort is one of the 5*...

Old Town


One of the most famous tavernas -with emphasis on mezedes and raki- in Rethymno Old Town, and very popular mostly among university students and young people....

Old Town

Pepi Studios

Pepi Studios, offers furnished rooms located in a narrow street in the heart of the Old Town, an ideal location from where you can start exploring the rest...


Aquila Porto Rethymno

Aquila Porto Rethymno is a 5* hotel next t the coastal road at Rethymno (at the only beach in the city), a short walking distance from Old Town. This is a...

Cretan Dakos

Cretan Dakos was known as the ''food of the poor'' and is a refreshing nutritious salad that can be prepared easily and quickly.

Old Town

Leo Hotel

Leo hotel, in the heart of Rethymno Old Town, is housed in a historic listed building dating back to 1450, which used to be the local governor's residence...

Old Town

Bistro 22

In the heart of Old Town in Rethymno, Bistro 22 is a cozy, charming cafe, ideal for any time of the day, whether you take a break from shopping or from...



At Triopetra (meaning three stones) beach in the southern part of the prefecture (45km from Rethymno city) you will see the three imposing rocks in the sea...

Kaltsounia Kritika

Kaltsounia (turnovers), also known as Lihnarakia, are a treat for the Cretans and are made with various fillings.


Holy Monastery of Preveli

In the south part of the prefecture, about 37km from Rethymno city, you will come across the Monastery of Preveli in a beautiful location at the west side of...



In Axos Mylopotamou village (48km southeast of Rethymno city centre), in the heart of Crete at Psiloritis mountain, Enagron is an ecotourism village where...

Old Town

Ali Vafi's Graden

In a secret garden, tucked away behind Mikrasiaton square in Rethymno Old Town, you will come across an atmospheric, alternative and inspired place



In the northern part of the prefecture, 15km west of Rethymno city (20-minute car ride), Episkopi beach is one of the busiest beaches in the prefecture with...

Cretan Pilaf (Gamopilafo)

Gamopilafo is a traditional food is served mainly at weddings, engagements and christenings and is a good choice for a festive table.


Grecotel Creta Palace

A synonym to luxury, 5* Crecotel Creta Palace in Missiria, is a member of the Crecotel Hotels & Resorts chain, that guarantees a pleasant stay with...

Old Town

Fortezza Fortress

Built on Paleokastro hill, above the west part of Rethymno city, the Venetian Fortezza fortress has been protecting the city since 1573, when it was created...



Geropotamos beach is advantageously located 15km east of the capital of the prefecture, and it is one of the most popular beaches in the northern part of the...


Holy Monastery of Arkadi

One of the most important sights in the whole of Crete is the Holy Monastery of Arkadi, located about 25km southeast of Rethymno city centre, at Amnatos...



In the south part of the prefecture, 35km from Rethymno city (about a 50-minute car ride), you will come across Preveli, one of the most famous beaches not...

Old Town

Mona Lisa Skartsilakis

One of the oldest and most traditional patisseries in Rethymno, Mona Lisa Skartsilakis in the heart of the Old City was established in 1950 and the third...

Old Port

Old Town

Rethymno Old Town is one of the best-preserved Renaissance towns, and it is a point of reference for visitors as well as locals. It combines Venetian...

Old Town


In the heart of Rethymno Old Town, Alana restaurant will reveal to you the secrets of Mediterranean and local, Cretan cuisine. In a lovely atmosphere -it...

Old Town


In a central location at Rethymno Old Town, Melina cafe-restaurant is found next to the Archaeological Museum, at the entrance of Fortezza. It has a...



On your way to Spili from Rethymno, make a stop at Armenoi, and at the square on your right hand side you will come across Alekos teverna (12km from the...

Old Port


An authentic taverna serving raki, under the famous Fortezza, which, apart from the quality, savoury mezze, it offers unobstructed sea view. With colourful...