On your way to Spili from Rethymno, make a stop at Armenoi, and at the square on your right hand side you will come across Alekos teverna (12km from the city), which is considered one of the best and most famous tavernas in the wider area.

Sifis, the owener (the taverna is named after Sifis's father Mr. Alekos) has an intriguing personality, and he will not leave you much choice regarding your order. There is no menu, and various hotpots (depending on the season) as well as some meat dishes are prepared daily. Therefore, in essence, Sifis makes the final decision as far as the dishes arriving at your table are concerned!

All vegetables come from the owner's garden and field, and the cheese products from a local producer very close to the taverna. One thing you can be sure of. Whatever you have will be truly unique, and you will get a clear idea of what authentic Cretan cuisine should be like.

Open all year round
Daily: from 11.00
From €10/person