Barrio The Neighbourhood Cafe
Barrio The Neighbourhood Cafe

In Spanish Barrio means neighbourhood, and this is exactly the impression the owners wanted to give when they created this all day spot, right opposite the municipal park in Rethymno. At Barrio you will feel like home, the staff will get to know your preferences and they will make your coffee exactly the way you want it.

It stands out for the quality coffee, the friendly staff as well as the inspired and tasty dishes.

Out of these, what stands out are the refreshing salads (Caesar, pasta with tuna, pasta with chicken, green), traditional pies (quiche, spinach pie, chicken pie, mushroom pie, pasta pie) and the selection of baguettes. As far as homemade desserts are concerned, the red velvet and the cheesecake are best sellers.

They serve cocktails, both signature and with a special twist. From their signature cocktails, Exotic Passion, Purple Smash and Missionary's Downfall stand out and from the classics Old Fashion, Dry Martini and Cosmopolitan.

Open all year round
Monday- Friday: from 06.00, Saturday- Sunday: from 07.00
freddo cappuccino: €1,50 (takeaway), €2.50 (in-house), from €3,60 (glass of wine), from €7 (cocktails)