Erato Women's Agricultural and Arts and Crafts Cooperative is located at Apostoloi village, at Amario district, 28km from Rethymno city centre (40-minute drive). It was created in July 2007 by a group of women in the village in order to contribute to the local economy as well as to promote traditional products.

Visitors will have the chance to taste traditional products, made with pure ingredients, without conservatives, just as they would do at home.

There are various spoon sweets (walnut, grape, pear, lemon, watermelon, sour cherry, plum, etc.) and marmalades (cherry, fig, kiwi, citrus, strawberry, apple, quince, etc.) as well as drinks such as liqueurs (cherry, sour cherry, lemon, orange, mandarin, etc), raki, molasses, wine, among others.