Gastronomy in Rethymno

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Kaltsounia Kritika

Kaltsounia (turnovers), also known as Lihnarakia, are a treat for the Cretans and are made with various fillings.

Cretan Dakos

Cretan Dakos was known as the ''food of the poor'' and is a refreshing nutritious salad that can be prepared easily and quickly.

Cretan Pilaf (Gamopilafo)

Gamopilafo is a traditional food is served mainly at weddings, engagements and christenings and is a good choice for a festive table.



On your way to Spili from Rethymno, make a stop at Armenoi, and at the square on your right hand side you will come across Alekos teverna (12km from the...

Old Town


In the heart of Rethymno Old Town, Alana restaurant will reveal to you the secrets of Mediterranean and local, Cretan cuisine. In a lovely atmosphere -it...

Old Town


In a central location at Rethymno Old Town, Melina cafe-restaurant is found next to the Archaeological Museum, at the entrance of Fortezza. It has a...

Paximadia (Rusks)

One of the most characteristic products in the Cretan diet, the traditional wholegrain barley rusk with olive oil, is used mostly in the making of the Cretan...

Snails Boumbouristi

Snails are known as hohli on Crete. Below is a simple recipe to enjoy snails only as the Cretans know how to.



Particularly healthy and nutritious, honey is one of local products of Crete that you should definitely try and purchase before leaving Rethymno. The honey...

Old Town


Othonas taverna at Titou Petihaki Square, in Rethymno Old Town, is an ideal choice for authentic, Cretan cuisine dishes. All of them are based on traditional...


Cheese Products

Livestock farming and the production of cheese products are particularly popular and famous, everywhere in Crete.


Kolokithoanthi, as they are called, are the flowers of courgettes. They are mostly stuffed with rice, although there are variations.


Known as tsikoudia, Cretan raki is one of the most characteristic drinks on the island. You will be offered it wherever you go. Consisting of about 37%...



With traditional, local cuisine, a magnificent view and a cozy and friendly atmosphere, Thavma is a restaurant that will definitely make an impression on...

Cretan Spaghetti

In addition to gamopilafo, many serve spaghetti -referred to by the locals as macarounes- in meat broth with plenty of cheese as a starter at weddings.

Staka (Curd)

Staka (curd) is the skin formed on the surface of fresh milk, mainly sheep's milk, when left out of the refrigerator for a few hours.

Brink's beer

The first organic beer in Greece originates from Rethymno and has the name Brink's. Created for the first time in 2001, it is now exported to Cyprus and...

Apaki Salad

Apaki is a cold meat from lean pork which is marinated in vinegar for 2-3 days before being smoked in aromatic leaves and covered in herbs and spices.


Zisi's Taverna

Zisi's taverna opened in 1972 at Misiria, only 4km from Rethymno city centre and it has preserved its traditional style, with authentic recipes from Crete...

Old Town


Lemonokipos has a long history, since in 1910 the owner's grandfather opened the first pub. It is housed in the courtyard of a Venetian mansion at Rethymno...


Olive Oil

Cretan olive oil production is said to have references to the times of the ancient Minoans and Crete is famous for it. It stands out for the top quality due...

Lamb Ofto

Ofto lamb is one of the traditional dishes of Crete which can be served at a formal dinner.

Old Town


Family-run Kehagias taverna is located at the Stavromenos district, 11km from Rethymno city centre (towards Heraklion). It opened in 1968 and it specialises...