At the intersection of Arakdiou street and Paleologou street, in Rethymno Old Town, the Loggia is one of those buildings that you will see many times as you walk in the narrow streets of Old Town.

It is also known as "museum", since the locals used to call it in this way due to its previous use as the Archaeological Museum of Rethymno. It was built in 1538-1540 by architect Michel Sanmicheli, and it was a gathering place for nobles that discussed financial issues, politics, etc.

It was turned into a mosque during the Turkish occupation, and a minaret was added on the west side, but it was taken down in about 1930.

Loggia is considered to be the oldest public building that was not destroyed by Ulutz-Ali in 1571. Along with Rimondi fountain, and the clock tower (not saved) they were the most beautiful buildings at the Venetian square in Rethymno. Nowadays, the square building with the arched fronts is in good condition and built according to the isodomic system.