Nekropolis of Armenoi
Nekropolis of Armenoi

9km from Rethymno city, you will come across the Nekropolis of Armenoi, the biggest excavated cemetery of Post-Minoan III A-B period. Excavations started in 1969 and up to 2012 more than 220 tombs were revealed.

There are small and big tombs scattered around the cemetery, due to the fact that during the Post Minoan III B period, the original burial cluster plan, separating the rich from the poor, was not actually followed.

All tombs –most of then family ones– were underground, carved with a corridor, with steps or ramp leading to them. The ones belonging to the rich differed in terms of the gravestones of various sizes that were added.

The only built, domed tomb, is an exception, having an entrance blocked by a slab. Copper weapons, ceramics, beads, etc., were found in it.

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