Neratze Mosque
Neratze Mosque

Also known as Conservatoire (due to its present use), Neratze Mosque is one of the most impressive and well-preserved monuments in Retymno Old Town, reflecting a part of the history of the city.

It was created during the Venetian Rule as Santa Maria church, Virgin Mary for the Augustans, while next to it there was a chapel dedicated to the Body of Christ. When the Turks took over Rethymno, the church was turned into a mosque (1657) dedicated to Gazi Huseyin Pasha (or Neratze Mosue) the conqueror of the city.

The tiled roof was replaced with three characteristic domes, while the chapel was turned into an Ottoman seminary. In 1890 an 88-feet tall minaret was added, the tallest one in Rethymno, with two galleries, designed by Georgios Daskalakis, an engineer from Rethymno. One of the most impressive part of the mosque is the door frame at the entrance, a characteristic elaborate sample of Renaissance architecture.