Prinaris Mill
Prinaris Mill

Prinaris Mill is a culture venue at Chromonastiri village, created by Michail Prinarakis and his wide Aggeliki. It is housed in an early 18th century building where the old factory (oil press) used to be that belonged to the Prinaris family (hence the name).

It is a listed, historic building which has been restored and is now a Museum as well as a Training and Information Centre regarding olives, oil and mills.

At the part where the old factory used to be you will have the chance to be informed in detail about the way oil is extracted from olives, through photographs, posters and videos. At the same space there is an exhibition of equipment used in farming and livestock farming so that you can get familiar with the sowing, tilthing, harvesting, thrashing and winnowing process.

In the next hall you will see what the equipment of a mid 20th century home in Cretan countryside included.

Open summer season only
Monday-Saturday: 09.30-17.00
Free admission