Rimondi Fountain
Rimondi Fountain

In the heart of Rethymno Old Town and a point of reference in the district, Rimondi Fountain was built by the Venetian commander (rector) Alvise Rimondi, hence the name. Also known as Megali Vrysi or Vrysakia (most locals know it by those names), it is located at the intersection of Titos Ptihakis square with K. Paleologos street.

The is one of the most important monuments still standing from the Venetian period, and it was built in 1626 at the spot where an older fountain used to be since 1588. A local craftsman was in charge of its construction, according to information, from the Frabenetos family, who also took part in the construction of Morosini fountain in Heraklion.

The front part of the fountain comprises four ribbed pillars, with capitals in Corinthian style, located on small troughs used for watering animals. At the top part you can see an inscription with the words Liberalitatis and Fontes, while the three spouts, carved in stone where water comes out of, are in the shape of a lion head.