Inside the castle of the Templars there is a restaurant that honours their sword. This is Romios restaurant, the hidden secret in the Medieval City of Rhodes and a destination for those who know about quality and tasty food, traditional recipes and generous hospitality. The restaurant appeals to those who want to live a unique dining experience and those with a mind of their own that can appreciate the unique and different.

Housed in a renovated stone building that complies perfectly with the architecture and the image of the Medieval City, the restaurant features an interior space with dominant elements of stone and wood, beautiful paintings on the walls and elegant dinnerware on the tables. The Renaissance atmosphere is evident, which enhances your initiation into the dining experience offered by Romios. As for its outdoor patio, it is a paradise on earth with lush green trees, blooming colourful flowers, airy sails and summer atmosphere, the ideal setting for a dinner that will be unforgettable.

Most of the dishes of the menu are based on traditional recipes from Rhodes, while there are also dishes inspired by traditional recipes from various regions of Greece (in fact next to every dish the region of the recipe is mentioned). Everything is prepared with care and always with selected products from Greek producers.

From the dishes the Macedonia oracles (pies with meat, mint and yogurt sauce), the Kaisariotiko patty with pastrami, the cheese nests in kantaifi etc., while from the Rhodian traditional cuisine the braised lamb cooked in a clay pot (with rice and livers), the rice with cuttlefish and the chicken with kouloureia (traditional pasta), a wedding food originating from Archangelos of Rhodes, stand out.

Lovers of more modernized cuisine have equally good options, such as shrimp with pink champagne and mousakas with seafood. Bear in mind that there are also special menus that include vegetarian and gluten free proposals. All these are ideally accompanied by any of the selected labels of the wine list which come exclusively from the Rhodian and Greek vineyard in general.

In a restaurant that is "dedicated" to the local, traditional cuisine the sweet choices in the same philosophy could not be missing. The traditional fanouropita, the xerotigana (sweet pastry) from Archangelos and the walnut cake complete ideally your lunch or dinner in the most delightful way.
Open all year round
Daily: 10.00- late
From €15-20/person (with a glass of wine)
American Express, MasterCard, Visa