Welcome to Rhodes

Welcome to Rhodes

Rhodes, the largest of the Dodecanese islands and the fourth largest in Greece, is a meeting point of cultures. It is strategically located at the crossroads between two major Mediterranean sea routes, the Aegean Sea and the Middle East coast.

The different people who have inhabited the island over their years have left their own mark on all aspects of cultural heritage including language, art and architecture.

The beautiful Medieval City of Rhodes -an amalgam of architecture from various periods- declared a UNESCO World Heritage City in 1998. Strolling through the streets within the walls, you will see legends, myths and fairy tales with knights come to life before your eyes. Undoubtedly, the most obvious influences are those of the Order of the Knights of St. John as well as the Ottomans. Today the medieval city is a living organism where the heart of tourism, commerce and entertainment beats strong on the Emerald isle. The Palace of the Grand Master, the road of the Knights, the Archaeological Museum, the Clock Tower, Kastellania and Socrates Street are reference points.

Heading down to the sea and back, you will come across Mandraki, otherwise known as the port. Standing proud are the Windmills, Deer and Doe, the cathedral of Rhodes and the characteristic Ellie building with Ellie beach directly behind. Other major attractions in the city of Rhodes include Monte Smith hill with the Acropolis and the Aquarium.

Famous places on the island include Lindos, which brings to mind images of the Cyclades, the Springs of Kallithea, the Butterfly Park, the preserved traditional settlement of Koskinos and Ancient Kameiros. Agios Pavlos, Prasonisi, Kallithea, Anthony Quinn, Faliraki, Afantou etc are some of the most famous beaches.

As regards food and entertainment , the island of the knights satisfies above and beyond.

You can reach Rhodes by ferry from Piraeus as well as by air from Athens and Thessaloniki. Below you will find useful information concerning your trip to Rhodes (and Greece in general), such as currency, weather, useful telephone numbers etc.