Botargo Seafood Restaurant & Bar
Botargo Seafood Restaurant & Bar
Botargo Seafood Restaurant & Bar
Botargo Seafood Restaurant & Bar
Botargo Seafood Restaurant & Bar

Botargo is a place with great history that found a way to revive and evolve into today’s new treasure in Kasteli of the beautiful Pyrgos. It was added to Santorini’s “map” to lavishly offer to the public high aesthetics, true hospitality, Greek gastronomy, wide-open archipelago and light. Botargo is not just a seafood restaurant bar; it is a magical experience

A magnificent 18th century mansion opened its doors to the public, anticipating to introduce the visitor to its unique concept, i.e. the idea to create a Greek epicentre that invites anyone who discovers it to savour, experience and enjoy the Greekness to the fullest. 

The space was edited by B Plan Architect and Maria Mastrodimitri-Pikoula, while its impressive pristine roof will surely catch your eye as soon as you walk into the cocktail bar. White dominates and the sunset is the ideal time to enjoy the unobstructed views of the island that the terrace offers due to its privileged location. 

Professionalism is key both in terms of kitchen and bar. You will enjoy high-quality seafood, from the Greek sea, with creative touches by chef Theodoros Anagnostoulis, who has composed a sophisticated menu of modern Greek cuisine. From the menu, we stood out the black risotto with scallops, roe and lace-shaped leeks, slowly cooked at 110 degrees with red wine, octopus with Cretan acorn, baby potatoes and fresh oregano and the sea bass with fish velouté and rice with leeks. 

The inspired cocktail list bearing the signature of Nikos Sofianidis will win you over, while we highly recommend the Botargo, Audrey and Volcano Teaser cocktails always under the sounds of beautiful jazz music. Wine lovers will also be fully satisfied with the thought-out wine list

From €35/person (wine not included), €10 (plain spirit), from €18 (cocktail)
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