Visiting La Ponta
Visiting La Ponta

An essential stop during your visit to the beautiful Santorini, especially for lovers of music and art in general.

It cannot be classified as "museum" and it cannot be restricted to titles, since it is something special and one of a kind. It is located in Kasteli of Akrotiri, approximately one kilometer from the archaeological site of Akrotiri, within a 13th-century tower, which hosts tsabouna - Greek folk wind instrument of the bagpipe family - exhibition and workshop along with traditional Greek percussion and flutes.

At the exhibition you can enjoy a basic tour of the remnants of the past that compose the cultural heritage of the place but also of its music. At the La Ponta workshop tsabouna, various traditional and ancient Greek flutes and the Cycladic drum doubaki are constructed. The manufacturing and processing method follows the various traditional techniques, with a strong emphasis on sound quality, stability of pitch and aesthetic appearance.

Daily guided tours and a series of concerts take place on its premises.

In 2018, La Ponta evolves as a concept and relocates to a brand-new space in Megalochori. For more information, visit the website

Open summer season only
Daily: 10.00-14.00 & 17.00-20.00
Free admission