Gastronomy in Santorini

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Terpsi en Oia

It is one of those businesses that need no introductions. In a magical location in Oia, the restaurant cafe Terpsi en Oia and sister of Fira's 'Terpsi', has...

Vassaltis Winery

The newest winery in Santorini is located in the area of Vourvoulos. What initially draws our attention is its "appearance", i.e. the building’s architecture...


Red Bicycle

Red Bicycle is without exaggeration the most beautiful "balcony" of Oia. The romantics of this world will definitely love it, the elegant people will fall in...


Sabbia Nera

With a name that puts you directly in the mood for the wild beaches of Santorini (sabbia nera in Italian means black sand), Sabbia Nera came to Kamari to...


Cave of Nicolas

One of the most historic taverns of the island, it is a strong reason to visit Akrotiri very often. The restaurant Cave of Nicolas is one of the few fish...



A restaurant-attraction in Santorini, in the sense that if you do not visit it you will miss out on a delicious and unique part of the island. There are no...

Venetsanos Winery

One of the most recent arrivals in Santorinian wineries, as it took life again a year ago, Venetsanos Winery is the first industry winery on the island,...

Boutari Santorini Winery

Distinguished among "The Ten Architectural Wonders of the Wine World" and "One of the World’s Most Extravagant Wineries", Boutari Winery in Santorini is one...



Christos Markozanes and Stavros Siagalas have created in the traditional settlement of Oia, this beautiful outdoor courtyard dinning area where they present...

Santo Wines

In the area of Pyrgos, on the way to Athinios, you will find Santo Wines Winery. The Union of Santorini Cooperatives, named as SantoWines, was founded in...


Mezzo Restaurant

You'll find Mezzo restaurant right where its namesake hotel (which is divided in to three levels) in Skaros in the picturesque Imerovigli, overlooking the...

Exo Gonia

Metaxi mas

The Cretan owner of Metaxi mas (between us in Greek) at Exo Gonia has created a cosy atmosphere and guarantees you an unforgettable experience.



Skala restaurant is located in an excellent spot with views of Oia and it's always packed.



Vassilikos is one of this season's most dynamic new entries at the beach of Kamari.



The best food suggestion in Imerovigli without a second thought. The Anogi is a traditional tavern with recipes and influences from all over Greece, and with...

Artemis Karamolegos

The only winery in Santorini, which combines a tour of its facilities with lunch at Aroma Avlis restaurant. It all starts in 1952, when the grandfather...

Koutsoyannopoulos Winery & Wine Museum

Visit Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum in Vothonas, the only cave museum in Greece, to learn all there is to know about the stages of wine production and sample...



Santorini is a well known wine tourism destination. Therefore it's no surprise the existence of well organised wineries which enable you to be acquainted at...


Cherry Tomato

It is the most famous product of the island. What is the difference from the rest? Its skin is a little harder than the usual and it's very juicy inside.


White Eggplant

It is the second most famous kind of eggplant (after the purple one) in Greece and you can only find in Santorini.



Koufeto (sugarplum in Greek), Santorini's traditional sweet served at weddings and engagements (nowadays served and sold widely), is made only with honey and...


Volkan Beer

Volkan, Santorini's most famous beer, is famous world wide. It recently won the Gold Award "New Product Innovation of the Year" at the International Beer...


Island's Wines

Santorini has an unbreakable bond with wine. Its vineyard in conjunction with its volcanic soil create an explosive end product with wines earning world...


Yellow Donkey Beer

Santorini beer with an excellent logo and even more excellent content.



Melitinia, one of Santorini's traditional sweets, in the old days were made on Easter week.


Split Peas

The split peas of Santorini is definitely one of the first flavours that you'll be recommended to try on the island. Its taste, aroma and texture are unique...


Caper & Caper Leaves

It is one of the most popular ingredients in the cuisine of the Cyclades, with the energy of Santorini's soil giving it an even higher quality.