Symposion by La Ponta
Symposion by La Ponta

Symposion by La Ponta is housed in an old winery in the traditional village of Megalohori, very close to Pyrgos, which dates back to the beginning of the previous century. This extremely inspired concept offers a rich and well-rounded music experience, offering you the opportunity to expand your spirit and your mind through its philosophical approach.

Symposion by La Ponta is not just a “museum” and no one can define it by giving it a mundane title, since it is special and one of a kind. In its premises it hosts a tsabouna (traditional Greek bagpipe) exhibition and workshop, as well as other traditional instruments, percussion and flutes.

In the exhibition you can enjoy a thorough tour in the remnants of the past that compose the local cultural heritage and music tradition. The workshop is the place where tsabouna, traditional and ancient flutes, as well as doubaki, the percussion instrument of the Cyclades, are made. The manufacturing and processing method follows different traditional techniques, with special emphasis on sound quality, the stability of the pitch and the design.

In its premises they organize daily guided tours, workshops and a series of music performances.

Open summer season only
Daily: 10.00-20.30
Free admission