Local Products
Local Products

You can not visit Santorini and not taste the local goodies. The island is famous for its products, which are highly sought after and famous worldwide due to its volcanic terrain.

Which are the things you ought to try? Start from the split peas, served in a variety of ways, such as puree with onion, with eggplant, but also in soup. Continue with Santorini's most famous product, the cherry tomato, which you can purchase in different varieties to take with you. The white eggplant is another typical delicacy of Santorini, as well as capers and caper leaves.

In terms of sweets, do not miss koufeto (traditional wedding sweet) and melitinia (traditional sweet of Easter).

Finally, it's no coincidence that Santorini's wine is considered among the world's best. Surrender to the charm of local wines and indulge in their flavours.

You will find many shops, as well as restaurants, selling local products, from which you can buy all the treasures of Santorinian cuisine.