Red Bicycle
Red Bicycle
Red Bicycle
Red Bicycle
Red Bicycle
Red Bicycle

Welcome to the most beautiful balcony of Oia, the most romantic one of the Aegean and certainly one of the most exciting ones in the world. Red Bicycle, in the traditional settlement of the area, belongs to those must-visit businesses when you are found on the island.

The romantics of this world will definitely love it, the elegant people will fall in love with it, the sophisticated ones will include it in their list of favourite places, while the gourmets will be satisfied above and beyond. Its warmth will remind you of a friendly house, its decor will take you back in time and its views will leave you speechless.

Behind the genuine hospitality that you will feel here lies Hara Kourti, the owner of the restaurant. Everything that characterize Red Bicycle reflect her personality, with a key element that distinguishes her, apart from the high aesthetic quality, being the fact that she honours her visitors as guests at "her house".

The Red Bicycle’s menu comes renewed, always representing the modern Greek cuisine, and bearing the signature of the talented chef Gikas Xenakis. It is worth mentioning that the talented Dimos Samourakis is in charge of the kitchen. Some of the dishes that stood out include the salad with green beans, marinated shrimps, apricots and fresh mint, the fresh tuna, slightly marinated in grape juice, cucumber pickles, Trikalinos botargo and buckwheat crumble, and the lamb shoulder cooked for 12 hours, eggplant puree, gnocchi with feta cheese and cherry tomato paste.

Open summer season only
Daily: 18:00-00:00
From €30 (wine not included)
American Express, MasterCard, Visa