Island's Wines

Santorini has an unbreakable bond with wine. Its vineyard in conjunction with its volcanic soil create an explosive end product with wines earning world class awards and attracting loyal fans of fine wine in the island.

The 300 year old vineyard of the island covers an area of 12,000 acres and is one of the oldest in Europe. The main grape varieties grown in Santorini, which are responsible for the equally great variety of wines produced here, are assyrtiko, athiri and aidani for white wines and mantilaria, mavrotragano and voudomato for red wines.

The most famous wines of the island are Nichteri(dry white), Vinsanto (sweet white or red, which was the wine of Holy Communion in the Orthodox Church of Russia) and Brusco (with rough flavour and high acidity).

You can visit most of the wineries and it is really worth to include one or more of those visits in your program.