Useful & Emergency

Useful & Emergency

Bear in mind the following useful telephone numbers during your stay in Santorini.

Telephone Information (OTE)
11888: OTE's Telephone Directory Information is a service where you can search telephone numbers from different categories and professions of your interest, such as night clubs, art galleries, bakeries, liquor stores, hotels, etc. (charge: €0.99/minute, +roaming charges).

First Aid
+30 22863 60300: Emergency response number, which can be dialled at a local rate in case of an accident (charge: €0.03/minute, +roaming charges).

Santorini Central Polyclinic
+30 22860 21728: A model diagnostic and therapeutic center, located in the capital of Santorini, Fira. Established by a team of distinguished physicians with the goal of offering their fellow citizens the provision of high quality medical services with ethics, respect and responsibility. The staff is highly trained and experienced, available on a 24 hour basis for timely prevention, early diagnosis and treatment (charge: €0.03/minute, +roaming charges).

Fire Brigade
+30 22860 33199:
The Fire Brigade Department is concerned with safety and is under the Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection, with local competence that includes the whole Greek territory. It was created in order to protect the citizens' lives and property, as well as public property, along with forests and the natural environment from fires, natural disasters and other kinds of disasters (charge: €0.03/minute, +roaming charges).  

Greek Police
100, +30 22860 22649: Call this number for emergencies requiring police intervention in any part of the country. All citizens can also contact the Police by sending a free sms to 100 (100: free call, charge:+30 22860 22649/€0.03/minute, +roaming charges).