Ancient Mines

The mining activity in Sifnos –one of the most lucrative ones on the island- dates from antiquity to the mid-20th century. Herodotus, Pafsanias, Strabon and Plinios made reference on the abundant silver mines of Sifnos (between Lavrio and Thassos).

More specifically, the first involvement of the island's residents with mines is placed in prehistoric times and the second towards the late 7th cent. BC.

With the subsoil of Sifnos being rich in schist, gneiss, marble, metalliferous and argentiferous lead, copper, iron and zinc, there are two metalliferous zones on the island. The one is situated at the northern part of the island at the locations of Agios Sostis, Agios Silvestros, Vorini, Kapsalos and Xeroxilo. The second one extends from the area of Ai Giannis of Faros towards Apokofto and Aspros Pirgos.