Archaeological Museum
Archaeological Museum
Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Sifnos is located in Kastro area, in the eastern part of the island and is housed in a building created by the Archaeological Service in the 70s and renovated by the Ministry of Culture in the early 80s.

It operates regularly since 1986 and in its premises hosts collections of findings discovered in various parts of the island. Among others you will see sculptures from the Archaic to the Roman period, pottery dating from the Geometric to the Hellenistic period as well as coins.

The museum’s major attractions include the marble funerary stele (Hellenistic period), a palmette finial of a marble funerary stele (4th cent. BC), a head of a marble female statue (4th cent. BC), a marble Ionic capital (6th cent. BC) and a head of a marble kouros (mid-6th cent. BC).

Open all year round
Tuesday- Sunday: 08.30-15.00
€2 (general admission), €1 (reduced admission)