Cavos Sunrise

Behind the settlement of Kastro, almost on the cliff-side, you will find Cavos Sunrise, which is a category in itself. It is not like the rest of the cafe- bars on the island, so it is worth visiting at least once.

Overlooking the small bay and the beach of Seralia, it sets tables on the steps of the settlement, lays patchworks on the benches, uses broken potteries as ashtrays, loves Latin music and most importantly: it only serves rum, tequila and cachaca and any cocktail (mojito, caipirinha) with them.

The bar's "mascot" is none other than its owner, who has transformed the interior of the bar in a "museum" dedicated to his favourite heroes, Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. Photos, books, newspaper clippings, slogans written on the walls make you feel like you are in Latin America.

Open summer season only