The village Exambela is located within a close distance from Apollonia and 7 km from Kamares, the port of the island. One of the largest villages on the island, it stretches from Arades (a series of windmills) to the area of Agia Barbara.

This is the birthplace of Nikolaos Tselementes, the famous cooking teacher and author of the first book with recipes in the country, titled "Tselementes", in 1910. Aristomenis Proveleggios, poet, translator, member of the parliament, scholar, Doctor of Philosophy and History of Art, honoured by the Athens Academy for Excellence in Arts and Literature, was also born in Exambela. His bust –made by Giannoulis Chalepas– is found in the courtyard of the high school in Arades, his grave at the chapel of Agios Nikolaos and his house on the main street of Exambela.

The village is characterized by its Cycladic architecture, narrow streets and all-white houses and buildings and its most important sights include the Black Tower, ancient tower-fryktoria (system of communication) of the 6th cent. BC, the monastery of Panagia Vryssiani (or Vryssi) as well as the churches of Panagia, Agios Athanasios and Christ.